Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jawbreaker Surprise!!!

Usually on the weekends Shane and I will try to sleep in as long as we can and Ava and Kennedy (with Nova going back and forth between the rooms) will get up and watch some tv. Usually they will attack the cereal and eat it as a snack before I make them breakfast. This morning Ava decided to make something different. She is allowed to make quesadillas in the microwave and this morning she decided to make one as well. Only this time she went a little further. This the the recipe she shared with us about it. Jawbreaker Surprise Take one tortilla and put mayo on it. (So gross already) The put cheese on it and microwave it for a few minute. When you get out it will be hard (jawbreaker!) Then smear it with a LOT more mayo and there you have it. Jawbreaker Surprise!!! (the surprise is the mayo). So I heard her making it this morning and later we heard Kennedy Kennedy has an easy gag reflex so I wasn't to worried but after Ava told us about this she told us that Kennedy did not like the hot mayo. (go figure) Apparently Nova loved No surprise there.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Going on week 4

Today was the beginning of week 4 of my new career. So far so good. The girls are adjusting and doing it nicely. Shane after a few hectic days has as well. I'm really happy with the people at work, they have a great attitude towards the clients and the job as well. ISD is a hard place to work for those who have little empathy towards others and can be a place to become burnt out quickly. I expected to have a lot of unhappy coworkers and have pleasantly proven wrong. Oh yeah and I have an office which also was a surprise as I thought I was going to be put into a It's not as nice as my last office (Great big windows, pretty view, and purple accent wall) but it still is more than I expected. I've made some good friends already. Four of us started together and were pretty close now. That's been fun. I've missed my girls, the two youngest the most as Ava has been in school so that was easier to deal with. The first week was the hardest but now Nova has gotten in to the swing of things and knowing that she is happy makes it all better. Kennedy is thriving. She has little friends who call out to her in the morning "Hey Kennedy!" and seems to be pretty popular. She had little songs to sing some of which I have never heard of. So all in all is good. Ava is having a harder time with school this year, not because of the work but she and her teacher seem to have unlike chemistry. It was bound to happen but it's been a little rough. That being said life will hand you lemons and you have to make the lemonade. Hers is just a little bit sour right now but she's getting better. It's nice to have the option of working or not working. I'm glad that I didn't have to work and if something happened that right now I could stay at home again if need be. I watched Mad Men the other night and as I watched Betty go in to feed her baby in the middle of the night I was struck by how much situation has changed. Unlike a 50's housewife I have the choice. So right now when the alarm goes off at 5:50 am I remind myself every time as I begrudgingly go to the shower "This is my choice!"