Tuesday, April 20, 2010

12 week countdown

Had my ob apt. yesterday. Have about 12 weeks left until we meet the last arrival for our family. Unlike my last pregnancies I feel very unprepared. Having a boy after 3 girls is a big change. Shane has very specific ideas of what a boy should wear and what his gear should look like. It's very frustrating. I know it will all work out in the end even if it means that Shane will be at Target day of buying his son all the necessary equipment to bring him home. I'm going to enjoy the last 3 months with our girls and savor the all girl childhood. Then when Riot comes home we'll settle down with our new baby and begin our new adventure:)

I have felt a lot of differences with this pregnancy. The morning sickness tapered off sooner than it did with the girls, but that was traded for exhaustion. Being pg this time is tiring. I hadn't felt this tired with the girls until the last month. Also I have felt him move differently than the girls did. Each girl parked her behind right by my upper right side and didn't move from that spot. They kicked some but not as much as Riot. I have felt him low in the stomach and he moves a lot. It's been pretty uncomfortable truth be told. The reason he has felt different is that he is head up. Thanks to having the previous pregnancies the uterus is larger and he has decided not to move down yet. I'm not looking forward to feeling that. My mom had the same issues when she was pg with Fred and she told me that she felt him moves into position. Not fun! Still better than having to have a c-section.

It's hard to believe that I'm at the beginning of the third trimester. I'm hoping to make it until the 18th of July (due date is the 19th and Kennedys' b-day is the 17 which I want her to keep alone ) but have doubts about that as well. Something tells me he'll be early like his sisters. Then again a lot has been different so we'll see. As long as he is not born on the 17th I'll be happy:) Here's to the last trimester I'll ever have to be pregnant again!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crazy Mary

This is one of my favorite songs Eddie Vedder has performed. Shane introduced this song to me before we were married and it touches me to hear it to this day. The words are thought provoking because most likely you will have someone in your town that you think of when you hear it. I do. If not you should still enjoy it because no one sings like Vedder.

Monday, April 5, 2010

My sometimes arch enemy

For the past few weeks Shane and I have made a large switch to having a healthier lifestyle. Manly the focus has been on eating at home more and less processed foods, although I have always cooked from scratch at home but I will admit we ate out a lot. It's been a lot easier than I would have thought because like I said for us the main problem was the crap you get from the restaurants. But some things had been hard to do, like find ingredients without sugar or corn syrup. Today I wanted to BBQ chicken, as usual, I didn't get it set out in time to thaw for cooking. I had to run to the store so I thought I'd pick up thawed chicken and some bbq sauce without the syrup. WRONG!!! I looked through every single one and found nothing I could use. I then decided that I would do a dry rub, but not before the kids drove the other shoppers crazy. That and spending what I thought was hours buying curtains for the hall made me super ready to come home. After Shane was home I got the chicken ready (if your lucky I might one day share my secret seasoning but not today) and then set out to make the deviled eggs. Again I wanted to make a healthier version so I substituted plain natural yogurt for the mayo and added the other ingredients and was pretty happy with the results. Shane came in for the chicken and asked what the side were and I said our usual chunky garden salad, the chicken, and the eggs. He made a face like "Is that all" and I told him he could make asparagus. He said ok and got out the tin foil and snap peas, mushroom, asparagus, spaghetti sauce. I had my reservations about the sauce but decided to go with it and was pretty happy that he was sticking to plan for eating better. (The sauce also was sugar and syrup free!) Then, and I swear he does this to be my nemesis, I look over as he dumps a bunch of butter on the mix and closes the foil and take it to the bbq. He put is on and comes and tells me "I think it kinda neat that you took a normally unhealthy dish and make it healthy and I took a healthy dish and made it bad!" Ha Ha. (You have to picture him laughing with a sinister snarl. Like Boris. Shane = Nemesis