Monday, August 30, 2010

My Space, His Space, Our Space.

After having little room for ourselves we finally moved to a bigger home. Getting settled has been happening gradually and we still have quite a few boxes to revisit but are unpacked for the most part. Shane had been looking forward to his office longer than we have had half of our children. I looked forward to him having it as well, no longer having all the clutter in the bedroom or living room. I assumed he would spend most of his free time in said office therefore I was surprised when he took to using a laptop at the dinning room table over the office pc. I think he realized he likes the noise of his family and felt left out when he is in the office. NOT ME! I set my sewing table up in a "pantry" off the kitchen where I realized I was in need of more space and less traffic. Once I realized how little Shane used his space I moved in for the kill and suggested we share it and my former space would be a much needed area for storage. He was surprisingly quick to agree and I moved my thing in over the weekend. I still need a little more room (meaning the shelves to the left) but that will take a while to clear off. Shane has one large bookshelf in the office and with the office door and french doors leading to the back yard there isn't room now for another. Either we build a bookshelf to fit by his door or hang more shelves, either way it will be a few month before we can do that. Still I'm thrilled to have a designated space that I can leave the table open and ready to sew, (my previous home had me blocking the front door while I sewed and you can imagine how inconvenient it was). I was able to get one square done and that was it as of yesterday. I guess the baby doesn't realize yet that I have this new area. Hopefully I'll get more use of it soon. Happy Days are ahead:)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kindergarten Kennedy and the unhappy crew!

Today was a bittersweet day for us as Kennedy started Kindergarten today. Just like Ava did on her first day she put on a butterfly shirt and headed off to take her place in the world. There is nothing like the first day of Kindergarten. Kennedy did awesome and looked so cute in her outfit. I think she was worried I would be sad but I think I'm in shock or just sleep deprived because I did well at dropping her off. The pictures were taken by Shane and as you can tell Nova and Riot were pretty pissed at him for taking them. Hopefully one day we'll get a good kid shot were no one is crying. Anyway I can't wait to her how her day went. Hopefully as well as Ava's has been. We'll see.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New School, New Grade, Great Friend!

This is a big year for Ava. She started the 4th grade yesterday which she has been looking forward to for a while. She also started a new school this year and has been very brave about it. I'm probably more nervous for her than she has been, she is a real trooper. Thankfully she has a good friend, Allyson, who attends the new school. It's been comforting knowing that she will have at least one friendly face she recognizes. (Kennedy will as well as Ally's brother Sam will be starting kindergarten at the same school on Friday) I shouldn't have been as nervous about Ava though because she came home yesterday and told me she already had a BFF in her class. I'm looking forward to meeting these new friends and getting adjusted to the new year. Tomorrow will be Kennedy's big day:) Then a peaceful weekend I hope!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Big Sister

I want to take a moment to share a sweet picture of Nova. I feel like Shane captured her essence in this photo. Nova is all about being a princess, about dressing up, and flashing her charming smile while tilting her cherub head. Riot's birth had the most affect on her vs the other girls because it took away her position as the baby and made her a big sister. She has fit herself into the role but it took a little bit of time. She loves him or (her) as she says. Nova will always get to be the baby girl and I think will eventually love the role of big sis. Now if I can just keep her from changing clothes every few hours all will be wonderful.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Riot and I

A quick post for Riot's 3 week anniversary. He is doing well and getting a little chubby in the face. I think he looks adorable in brown and blues. He gave himself a little arm hickey when I didn't get his bottle fast enough. He laughs in his sleeps and loves to be held. He has three older sister's who fight for his attention. He is a little man and we are so thankful he is ours. Thanks for sharing!!!