Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cooling off downtown

A few weekends ago Shane took Ava and Kennedy on an adventure on the city bus. Nova, Riot, and I chose to stay home:) I really hate the bus, I have had so many bad experiences on them that I prefer walking, driving my own car, or skipping. Really the bus holds only disgust for me. So today after a nice lunch at Kelly's Brewery (free kids weekends are just the best) Shane suggested we leave the car parked and take the bus downtown to walk around. Not wanting to be a party popper I agree but secretly wished I could drive and park. Anyway the bus was ok, not great, but ok. We got off the stop near the Galleria and began our journey. This vent the kids are pictured in held so much fun for the kiddos. They couldn't wait to show it to me. Riot loved it too:) It was nice to catch the breeze from it, it was pretty humid today. We walked in the rain a little but it was a pleasant rain. After the vent we headed to the downtown library to see what books they had for sale. A long time has passed since we were last in that location and I was pleasantly surprised at the changes:) We only had about 20 mins for shopping but we filled a brown bag full and came way happy. Only then did I get the point that Shane had been making...we had to carry it all back. Luckily for us Riot was happy on Shane shoulders and Nova got a thrill sitting on the bag of books in his umbrella stroller. The bus ride back held some interesting character and I was relieved to get off at the stop for our car. Once home the rain was coming slowly so I took advantage of it and we cleaned up the yard. I'm getting excited for the end of summer, and beginning of fall. A few leaves have fallen of the tree and for once I think were going to have beautiful fall leaves in our yard. Just remind me of this when it comes time to rake up those bad boys:)

Summer vacation is coming to and end. Kids are really excited. So am I, people, so am I:)