Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Being Thankful

Where did the time go this year? I swear it was only yesterday that I was unpacking the tree and wrapping presents. Riot was a little baby, not even crawling, with his sisters adoring him. We've have been living in the new place already 6 months. Really? Wow! Riot has developed his personality and is quite the little man. Nova has taken to being his best friend and many time his worst nightmare. Ava and Kennedy are in their second year at Inez, and we've had a good year with some really positive outcomes. Of course nothing is perfect in elementary school but it if was then they wouldn't get getting prepared for life, right? The beginning of the year was really a tough one for us, we had the two youngest in the hospital, for what was a week but felt like years, and so far we've managed to prevent another stay. I can only hope and do my best to prevent it. Moving has been a good experience for us, the kids can play outside with many other kids, something they have not really had a chance to do, and this is a great thing for them. (Not for the adults so much:) I think I'm the only one who loves moving, and this year as really been about us planning our next move, but more to come later on that topic. While things keep changing, growing, and evolving some remain constant; our kids are amazing, bright, loving, and feisty. They are our motivation and our future. They drive us crazy and keep us happy. Not one to get sappy but I really do feel like we hit the lottery with our kiddos. I'm sure every mom or dad feels that way about their kids and kuddos to them. Another constant is Shane and I. We're half way to celebrating 14 years of wedded bliss. (I laugh as I write bliss) Every year bring new memories and joy, new irritants and frustrations. I love knowing the we remain committed to each other due to love and friendship not due to our wedding certificate. I still consider Shane my best friend (Shalini still my bestie too:) and hope I always will. Thanksgiving is around the corner and while I spend the next few weeks getting stuff planned, decorating with the kids, making our new batch of crazy, fun filled, overly iced christmas cookies I remember memories of my childhood and the wonderful times I had with my family. While I always melancholy for my beloved ones who have passed I'm very thankful for being close to my family and for being able to share these precious times with them. With the future always changing one never knows what the next year brings, so I choose to be thankful for the time now, being in the present now. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you all a wonderful time with your family too!