Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I blame Shane and Texas!

I have come to realize that this bug did not arrive at our doorstep by accident but by a curse. It's actually a curse on Shane really and I have spent a lot of time thinking about it to come to this conclusion. Shane tells this story of going to his Aunt's garden once and while taking to her he picked up a piece of broccoli and took a bite of it. Then looking down at the broccoli he saw hundreds of baby spiders swarm the veggie and his hand. Since that day he has not been a fan of spiders and therefore I believe they keep visiting us, to torture him. In CA we were overwhelmed with them. The first night we arrived at our apt. we had to retrieve our key from a light by our door (My brother moved our furniture and left it there for us while he partied in San Fran.) Shane reached for the key and felt a cobweb and immediately declared he was not going to get the key. It took a lot of convincing to get him to reach the key, (I was pregnant and short, still short) The parks were full of spiders, our balcony too. Stupid spiders everywhere. Eventually we moved back to NM where we thought we might get a little less spider mania but instead we moved to an apt. that was breeding ground for Black Widows. At this point I was pissed but decided that everyone gets spiders so what can you do? Eventually we moved again and our new landlords swore they never had black widows (liars) so I was like OK! Yeah I guess I should have asked if they had big freaking wolf spiders because guess what showed up THE FIRST FREAKING NIGHT? A ginormous pregnant wolf spider. I will not show a picture of this spider because it's too creepy to see still but you should know that a pregnant wold spider carries her spawn on her back, hundred of them and they are all hungry. Shane came in to the house where I was sure a Tranchula was invading our home and he froze. Then he said quickly for me to get a glass which I did. He told me that once he trapped the spider she was going to let loose her evil spawn and I didn't believe him. NEVER AGAIN!!! No words to describe the event that happened. Still too shook up from that one. Wolf Spider=evil!!! This last home we moved to recently just got visited by this pictured arachnid which is a Vinegaroon. He looks more evil than he actually is but is still not the kind of thing you want to open your door to find. It's an odd feeling knowing that you have been visited by something NO ONE ELSE seems to have seen in person. Like I said I think Shane has been singled out by the kingdom of the arachnids. I'm hoping this was the end, like the final messenger. The most awful looking one yet. I hope so because I don't know if you can legally divorce someone over a curse but it might be the only way. PS I read the these Vinegaroons are very common in TX. The new neighbors are from TX, they showed up the eve before this guys appeared. Coincidence?

Friday, September 2, 2011

How to get a gallon of milk for a dollar!

For those who are looking for a good deal you CANNOT beat a gallon of milk for a dollar. Not in this economy. You might been lucky and get the "Welcome to the neighborhood!" coupon from Albertsons, but that would only get you a gallon for $1.69 (at least that is what I got and used last week). You can try to catch Smith on a luck week and get the 3/$6.00 sale but that hasn't happened for a while. (I know because I keep looking for it.) I HATE paying more than $2.00 for a gallon, it infuriates me. Therefore I headed for CVS for milk today. I only had so much cash on me, since I am once again awaiting a new debit card in the mail. (Ava lost it this time.) I figured I would go back tomorrow for another gallon but to my surprise I don't need to and I'll now tell you the way to get the $1.00 milk. First you need to be born in September. Well at least for this weeks sale anyway. What am I talking about? I'm talking about a coupon that was printed out, for ME for my birthday. That's right a $2.00 coupon just for being born in the best month of the year! SEPTEMBER!!!! How about that? Thank you CVS!!! So then I snapped that I could get the second gallon, pay nothing and not have to come back (Although I promise to come back another day!) Hence getting 2 gallons for $2.00 or $1.00 a gallon as I like to think of it. Pretty nice and who doesn't love getting an early birthday present? I do!!!