Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Funny feeling

As much as my blog is for sharing what is happening in our family with everyone it's also a great way for me to keep track of everything that has happened. I thought I would blog about my surgery seeing as how it is the first one I have had but really I'm to tired to write about it. That being said I wanted to have it in my blog so that I can look back later and say "Oh yeah I was pretty tired after having it out" or whatever. So I'm adding it here like this but I also wanted to add a few word about something more important, my family. There is just no way I could have gotten through this surgery and the aftermath if I didn't have Shane, my girls, and my parents, brothers and sister. Shane was amazing during it all. He is not one to go through a crisis easily and he did it. There were a few really scary days at the hospital that I honestly thought I might not be coming home and Shane got me through them. I know it was hard on him to see me in crying convulsions and keep his calm and he did. Many times I would wake from a sedated sleep and he was there reading and rushing to meet my needs. He is my rock and as my dad told me recently a good good man and husband. My girls had it hard without being warned I was gone and they didn't know much. Ava knew it was bad and she was frightened. She still has some issues about it all and it so caring still. An amazing little girl. My parents came as quickly as they could. They stayed in our home and looked after the girls so Shane could be with me. Dad made the girls a new favorite, Eggnog French Toast. They loved having the time with them. My mom caught up the laundry that I had been to sick to get too as well as making sure to keep the routine going. It was hard on them I'm sure but they were just so sweet about it all. I'm very grateful to have my parents. Dusty and Sandy were right there for us when we needed them to rush to get our girls in the middle of the night. Dusty watched them the second time as I waited the several hours at the ER. They were very generous of their time and I am so thankful to them for that. April came up to help with the girls and try to get the house in order. She was not feeling well herself but wanted to be here. I am touched by her gesture. It was very kind. Fred was here as well. I don't remember much about him except for a black shadow at the hospital. He came and cheered up the girls and that was a big help. I had many friends who were sending me kind thoughts and prayers. Shalini came to the hospital twice with beautiful flowers and again and took the time to look through my labs and make sure I was ok. I was pretty out of it most of the time but I do remember telling my nurse that we had been friends since 2nd grade and the nurse (Gwen who was just awesome) said that make you more than friends, your family and she was right. I also had extended family who were keeping tabs on my condition and praying for me. I'm blessed to have a family such as I do, the friends I do, and my life. I'm happy to be home and look forward to getting healthier in the next few days and weeks. I hope this is the last time I have to be in the hospital for a long time. Fingers crossed:)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good day.

After weeks of training I'm finally working in a process. I along with my other newbie co-workers are screening applications, that have been dropped off without an interview, for emergency food stamps. It's the beginning stage of the process and a simple one but am important one. You have to be in pretty dire need to receive emergency food stamps so we try to have them screen quickly so we can help those in need. Today it was my turn at the phone rotation and although I was a little nervous having to answer calls being so fresh at it I slowly found my footing and all went well. At fin aid I did it all the time but I by then I had to much experience at it there was nothing to be nervous about. I did get a client today that I was able to help in a hurry (not going to go into specifics) and that really was the highlight of my work day (Nova feeling better was the overall highlight overall). This is truly a reason why I like to work in fields like human service or fin aid. You get yelled at A LOT (today in fact:( almost cried) but then you have someone you help and it honestly makes the bad about the job seem not to bad. So the next time you are in an office where you are mad for whatever reason (except for those the cable company who charge too much, or when people mess with your debit cards (stupid accai berry people who WILL rot in hell) , just remember that your smile will make their day better and probably do more for you than yelling. (Except for the berry people you HAVE to yell at them for charging $89.00 and taking food out of your kids mouths. Really they won't do anything unless you them them that. Don't forget to mention the hell thing and make sure to call them over and over until they take off the charge.)