Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sharing a snack day 9 of P365

Two sisters sharing a snack and watching Dora after a morning at the park. What a great morning!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First memorable zoo trip day 8 of 365

So I'm cheating a little. This was not taken today but this weekend at our zoo trip. I just spruced it up a little and decided to post it for my blog today. I am too tired today to take a photo. Nova was too young to enjoy the zoo much last year much less the playground they have. She had a lot of fun this time around. She loved the polar bears most of all I think. I am looking forward to many more trips this summer to the zoo and the bio park:) More pics to come!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little color P365 day 7

This is my small nick knack shelf of a few items I have collected over the years. The self was given to me by Shane, the Gone with the Wind egg a must have, ( or it was at the time), the top heart box from Charleen, one of 4 given to a great group of friends, a bottom right box given by my dad from a business trip, the bottom left box belong to my granny. The girl and the pooh were given to Ava as a small child and the horse to the side from my long time friend Shalini. Last but not least the yellow clown was a figure Shane and I bought in Salt Lake City at the airport. The plan was to get a figure from every state we visited. We have been to 7 states and only collected 1 figure so it's a fail but I will always have the sad looking

I thought this would be a great way to use the B&W color focus feature of Picasa. I think it turned out pretty good with the yellow in the middle.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Last but not least p365 day 6

After looking for my past few posting I realized I didn't add one of Kennedy:( Therefore I am making up for that. Here she is with her smile and her head tilt. I love this picture os her, it captures her spirit. Last but never least!
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a bird! 5 of P365

I love peacocks! As a kid my grandparents would drive us to a peacock farm near Durango and we loved it. I love the colors and their regal way of walking. The best thing at the zoo if you ask me.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The beginning 4 of 365

This is the beginning of a quilt for Kennedy. I sewed the strips together last night and will attach them to the white strips. The Muslin material will be the backing. I not sure what I will use as my border yet but it will most likely be the white and will incorporate some of the left over pieces I have from making the blocks. I designed this quilt and I love the material I am using. Kennedy right now is upset at the white being part of it, she wants pink and more pink, but I think she will be happy when it's its done. Once I attach the batting, a low loft, and the backing I plan to simply stitch in the ditch for the quilting step. I hope to be able to finish soon so I can move on to Ava's butterfly quilt.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

I want this house! 3 of P365

The coolest tree house I have seen. I never see kids in it or at the house, there are no kids toys lying around either. I believe this is an Adult tree house. Maybe used for a studio or office I don't know. I just know that I want my own tree house!lol
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ava relaxed! P65 day 2

A relaxed Ava as we wait for Shane. The only girl who does not fall asleep in the car.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A little glow

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My Guy

Shane is his usual attire. His hat! He loves hats like I love purses. I like this picture because he is giving a sort of grin but not really. At least he is not growling! I still kinda like him even after all of these
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Picasa fun!

Playing around with Picasa and making art! Or my version at least.
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An early morning to restart P365

We normally drop Ava off at school minutes before the bell but this morning we had 20 minutes to go so I let the kids play on the small playground. I am going to make a second attempt at project Let's see how far I get!

Ava and her buddies Frances and Azalyea

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Who's the boss?

On Friday the girls were suppose to clean up their room before bed. We have been working on a check system and if their room gets cleaned before bed they get a check. If they get to a certain number they will get a reward, right now it's a trip to build a bear. If they miss one night they have to start over from the beginning so they are pretty invested in keeping all of their checks. Kennedy just realized she has something to gain by them and has been active in getting their check, or at least watching Ava get That night I told Kennedy, (who really wants a pink that she would not get one if they didn't earn their checks. She came out to the living room and turned of the tv show Ava was watching and told Ava "we have to clean our room!" and of course they both began to bicker back and forth. Finally Shane told Kennedy "Kennedy you are not Ava's boss" to which Kennedy stated "I AM Ava's boss!".lol Shane laughed but then again told her she was not but I don't think Kennedy agreed or quite believed Karma works out though because yesterday Kennedy was sitting on Ava's lap and Nova came over and with only one hand knocked Kennedy flat on the floor and plopped herself on Ava's I think Kennedy knows there is a new sheriff in town!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Something fun to watch

No crying this time, just a fun few minutes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Swamp Chicken

Dinner was SO good tonight, I thought I'd use the space here to write down my recipe and to share it with you.  It was loosely based on something my parents used to make, but I omitted a few ingredients and added my own flair.  It got 4 out of 5 stars from Shane which is pretty good considering he is NOT a chicken man.  Anyway here it is.

3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts that you beat the crap out of to make them flat
half a bunch of cilantro
1 whole medium onion (subject to taste)
1 8 oz package mushrooms
1 7 oz marinated artichokes
1 pack roasted chicken gravy or a can if you prefer but make it less thick than some canned gravies can be.
flour for dredging

In a sauce pan, saute the chopped onion (hopefully you knew enough to chop it:), mushrooms, and garlic.  (Again don't add the garlic whole, silly, just chop up a few cloves.)  
Add some salt and pepper to this mess and don't let it stick. When they are almost done, add the chopped cilantro.  Once properly sauteed, place in a bowl for later.  Then take the chicken breast that you beat well and season them with salt and pepper.  Dredge them in some flour and then sear them well on both sides in the same pan you sauteed the veggies in.  Now, (what I did) is used a heavy pan that I can also put in the oven because; a. the pan already has flavor from the food and b. why mess up more dishes than is necessary?  Ok, this is where you add the gravy that you should have heated up.  (Oh yeah you need to heat up the gravy!)  Add the veggies on top and throw a lid on it.  (If you have a glass lid and you really throw it might break, so use some common sense).  Then put in a preheated oven for 325.  Leave it on until you get back from getting Shane or in your case 1 hour and take it out to set about 5 mins.  Serve with some good rice pilaf or maybe couscous and enjoy!   (BTW Ava said it looked like a swamp of food hence the name:)

A dare

Try to watch this youtube video and not cry!  I had to fight them from falling:)  

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Girls get ready for the mall! Not the best photo job by mom but some sweet images anyway!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Nice dress!"... "Wait that's my dress!"

You always hear about people showing up at the same event with the same dress.  My senior year at GHS I found a dress I fell in love with in 17 magazine and I was thrilled when one of the local shops had it in their window.  I went into get get it and the lady (a real b-witch) said someone already bought one and she didn't want to of the same dress at prom. Then she refused to sell it to me and not only that but refused to let me try it on:(  I told her she should take it out of the window then.   I didn't get the dress and I never saw the "other girl" either but that is besides the point.  So last night we had a wedding reception to attend to for a co-worker of Shane.  We were pretty early and were just waiting for more people we know to show up.  When Kim show up I noticed her hair first, (really pretty Kim) and then I saw her dress. I was like wow that is a pretty dress.  Then I did a second take and said "We're wearing matching dresses!"lol  After we laughed she told me "I was afraid that would happen."  She had texted me that morning to ask we what I was wearing. (Followed by another text to let me know it was not in a perverted way!lol)  I didn't get the text and happily put on the new dress I had just got.  So there we sat and chatting two girls wearing the same  I was just happy she didn't buy the shell I did but paired her dress with a lovely red cardigan.  BTW we both had the same darn zipper problems!  All in all though it was a fun night.  

PS.  Shane made an obscene joke right as he took this hence the face!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Here's a little bit of sharing about Nova.  She is cruising right along the growing up path.  She'll be 18 months old at the end of the month and is wearing 2ts.  She is in the 75% right across the board, or as the nurse told me she is "perfectly proportioned".  She loves to hold anything that is silky and will chase Ava and Kennedy around if they are wearing those kind of pj's just to rub  She had taken possession of Ava's stuffed cat toy and loves her Kitty.  She gets made at dinner if she doesn't have her own fork and she uses it better than the girls did at her age.  We called her our devil baby because she speaks in a scary deep voice to make us laugh.  She will eat anything and I mean anything!  She gives the best sloppy wet kisses and throws the worst tantrums.  She has only told me "NO" once but she has shaken her head NO a few times.  She tries her best to keep up with the girls and does a pretty good job at it.  She is super strong and I'm mean STRONG!  She is smart and is learning quickly how to use words to describe her feeling.  The other day I made a full turkey meal  and as everyone was complimenting me on the meal (I almost ruined the turkey but I'm not sharing how!) I turned to Nova and said "Nova what do you think about it" totally expecting the devil baby sound which is the norm and instead got a solid "Good!" I love this stage and we love our baby Nova!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's already over?

Boy this weekend went by quick!  Friday we had a visit from Dad who brought Dusty's family and mine a nice turkey each, they got a great deal in Grants!  We had dinner with Dusty and Sandy but Dad had to go home.  I wish we could have had dinner with him but also it was a windy day so I am happy he got home safe:(  That wind was pretty harsh.  Sat we went to this cafe Shane and his co-workers go to called Vick's Daily Cafe.  It's so good!  The potato salad was just perfect!  It was a nice brunch with out with the girls.  It was a cold day so we headed to the mall so I could get my hair cut and to "hang out".  The girls said "Hi" to the Easter Bunny but that was pretty much all we could  Also we saw a bunch of girls getting their "Prom on" but that's another post in waiting.  Once we came home Nova and I got to nap. YAY!!!  I love a Sat. nap.  Shane sat at the laptop and at pinons while the girls tore up the living  I got up and straighted it and them made chicken curry.  It wasn't as hot as Shane's which the girls loved.  Shane's only complaint was that I didn't add enough fish sauce:(  Believe me that was not a mistake!  After baths and girls bedtime Shane and I settled in to watch 2001 Space Odyssey. lol  I am going to try again to watch it but it was hard for me.   Then this morning we played with the girls in our bed and relaxed.  Eventually we made it out to do a couple of errands and then we went to the thrift shop.  Sad to say it was not a "treasure find" day  After that we went to another Flea Market where Shane took an hour thoroughly looking at everything.  I fell in love with and old orange BellSouth telephone.  I had it in the cart driving it around before I decided to put it back.  With our comcast line I read that not all phones will be compatible  and I decided that $15.00 is not worth the hassle.  Still I loved that phone :(  Then we came home where I straightened the house (will it ever end!lol) and Shane BBQ'd some wonderful Kabobs and we ate potato salad.  Then baths were given and laundry folded and now I am  Not an exciting weekend but a nice one just that same.  For me just having a weekend that the house stays relatively clean and we see a family member or two is just a nice pleasant weekend!  Now if we could have gotten Shane to the gym with us it would have been awesome but that's what Monday is for!   

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My line!

I FINALLY got the bedroom closets completely switched! YAY!!!  I had the bottom part done when we changed the rooms around last year (including all the clothes, shoes, other stuff we have accumulated along the way) but never got the top shelves done.  Today I got them switched around and found things I had forgotten about.  One forgotten item was the Pearl Jam posters Shane had gotten a few years ago.  I have no idea where we had put them up before, I think he had them in his office at Seclarity?  I told him of my discovery when I called him to determine when he would be home.  He was pretty happy to hear about the posters.  Then we had the following conversation that I think you'll enjoy;

"So do you want to take them to your office or put should I put them into storage" I asked
"We'll put them in the bedroom" he said
"What" I asked
"In the bedroom" he repeated
"Your kidding!" "Right?" I hoped
"No in the bedroom!" he stated
"Umm no! That's tacky!" I insisted
"Just put them in your office" I said
"I don't have an office, it's a cubicle!" he cried
"Well put them on the walls.  We're not teenage boys!" I firmly said
"Well talk about it at home" he ended the conversation

No way am I going to put them in our bedroom.  I finally have the room somewhat decorated for a couple.  I'll admit it's more girly than not but then again he picked out most of the living room furniture.  Also let me not forget that I had a pretty frilly shower curtain that I gave up for the plain beige one, (in a moment of compromise where I almost got stuck with a camouflage curtain).  So I feel like I have been pretty fair!  But everyone has a line and this is where I draw it.  No Pearl Jam in the bedroom!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happiness is small things!

We have a new dentist office!  Yeah and I really like it and the staff and the Dr.  The last place I didn't really like but I won't name it just to be nice.  It was ok but I didn't leave there thinking "This is the place!" I hate having that feeling.  Today when we walked into Kids First on Zuni I was a little apprehensive.  It's not in the "nicest" part of town but it's the one I found with the earliest apt. that will take Delta Dental, (many I called only do Medicaid?) and it strictly for kids although they do take adults if they are treating the kids.  So we walk in and the office is big and clean and there are 4 great "Keep the kids occupied while they wait" things; a huge plasma screen tv, a big fish tank that Nova loved, a full size cabin playhouse, and a riding dinosaur!  Now this is a big improvement on the last office which had a few grubby  So I knew the kids were going to be good while I filled out the massive paperwork like always.  Only I didn't!  They have everything computerized.  The receptionist as you read the papers on his desk like the HEPA and the office cancellation you sign them electronically and that is it besides the authorization that you child has no medical conditions.  I loved it.  I hate filling the stuff out.  Also they called ahead and got all the insurance info so I didn't have to deal with all of it.  LOVE IT!!! Why can't more places do that?  Anyway at the last place I could't go back with the girls. PERIOD!  I had to watch through a window but here I had my choice which I let the girls go back on their own since I still had Nova to watch.  Soon they call me back and tell me good and bad new.  Ava, as usual, kicked butt and no cavities!  Yeah.  They did her sealant on the molars and that was that!  Kennedy, on the other hand, has a few an will need me to go back to take care of them.  I knew it was coming and although I am sad for her I also got a better answer this time as to why her teeth are in such a bad state compared to Ava.  Simply Kennedy snacks more during the day leaving her teeth more prone to acid and sugar.  Ava does not and never really has.  So now I know and can be more proactive on getting her teeth healthy.  Good news on Kennedy is that her teeth are not as bad as I thought and once we get those taken care of she will be good to go.  I loved her doc.  He was great with her, patient and made her happy.  It was such a positive experience!  Now we we go in May for Kennedy's filling and cap Nova will have her turn!  I'm hoping it goes just as good but we'll see.  After her apt. yesterday I have my   Oh yeah the dinosaurs was taller than Nova and she did not like it at  I tried my best to get a pic of it but she wanted no part of it:(  Will try again in May!