Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rowes in nature

We took a little trip up in the mountains today. Shane and the girls took a little hike while I napped in the car with Nova. I was sure it was going to rain and took advantage of being alone to watch the clouds pass by via the sun roof. It was very pleasant and I feel asleep which was also pleasant. Then they came back and we all took a walk. The weather was pretty mild and the woods did their job and soothed my soul. But all good things come to and end and we had to get back to town. Shane drove us out as he said my driving up the mountain scared the heck out of him. (As I grow older I have become my mother's daughter and am absolutely a freak when it some to heights.) Shane did his best to scare me which he did well. Then we came to this place and it was so lovely we had to get out and look. Of course as I have said before with a family of girls and one guy we always have a crier and Kennedy started in. Nova dropped Kennedy's Cinderella cell phone in the brook and until Shane got it out she cried and cried. Then all the way out of the mountain she cried for MacDonald's. It was a long long drive out. However we are happy that we found a new beautiful spot to go to and I think we will make it a point to take more walks in the woods. So soothing!
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Cool summer clubhouse

A few sheet, a clamp or two, and a table turns...
into a cool summer clubhouse!  Now if you'll excuse me I have to make these chicks lunch!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A crazy circus


So let me begin by saying that once again I dropped the ball with p365 and have thrown in the towel on it. To much to do and I forget to take a picture every day and sometimes even a every week. Shane took this picture of Ava at her class circus. She was the only Mim? but really a zombie clown it seemed. Fun was had by all and now with summer starting I'm doing my best to get the house in order so we can enjoy our time off. This might be the last summer I have as a SAHM, who knows? I want to enjoy it while I can!!!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An anniversary update!

Just to update on our anniv.  This morning the morons in the morning were discussing anniversary's and having people call in and say which anniversary they thought was a big deal.  Shane asked me if I thought 11 was and I said sort of no.  What I meant, before you get mad at me, is that I love having another year with Shane and I am very proud of having a marriage that last longer than a decade, especially with the high divorce rate.  That being said I think some are more special just like you look forward to your 16th b-day or 18th or even 21st.  As mention in the previous post I just wanted a card.  So imagine my surprise when I got a knock at the door and low and behold there is a basket of flowers.  And the card from Shane which says "I think every year is a big deal?" (I think he meant exclamation point but they put a ?.lol  Anyway there was more mushy stuff which made me cry.  I called Shane and told him about the flowers and told him that I didn't mean it the way I said he and he laughed.  Then I felt bad about the *gasp* e-card I sent  He isn't one for cards so I think it's ok.  Anyway I kinda owned a sort of apology post to Shane.  Sometimes the guy just surprises me in a sweet and wonderful way!  

11 years!

Today Shane and I celebrate 11 years married!  1/3 of our lives.  He asked me what I wanted as far as a gift and I told him that 11 years, while being awesome, is not one of the big one, like the 1st, 5th, 10th, or so one.  So I said lets do something big for every 5th year mile stone and for now lets just do a date night this weekend, (hopefully) but that I would love to get a card or note from him seeing as how he as dropped the ball on that lately.  This morning I had some time before dropping Ava off so we took a detour to the house we got married at.  On the way I thought about how long 11 years has been but also how it seems like yesterday.  I look forward to the next 11 years when I can say that I have been married 1/2 my life to my bbff!  Also Shane if you decided to read this I am so looking forward to the 15 year anniv. when you finally take me on a trip! (NYC!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

3 little piggies

Everyone post pictures of their children looking their best most adorable selves and I am usually a big proponent of doing so. Tonight I decided to show the other side, the horrible side, the true side! Girls do get as dirty as boys. Nova would live in dirt if we let her, Kennedy would not leave the park if we didn't drag her away, and Ava (like most of her classmates) believes brushing your hair is not a requirement for coming to school. So here are the three little piggies in all of their glory home from the park and having Subway with their equally as dirty parents. (Thanks Nova for getting sand down my shirt and bra!) ((Double thanks to Shane for calling the shower first!)
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Bandalier Rocks! Day 16 p365

I feel a little silly getting this certificate seeing as how I'm doing the LAST fieldtrip of the year:( That being said I guess I did help out a little this year doing some take home projects and the PTA carnival but still I would like to have done more. Next year as Nova is older I am hoping to get more involved! Looking forward to summer with Ava and then watching her become a 3rd grader! So happy that she is a Banda Bear!
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Farmer's Market day 15 of p365

my keyboard is being a jackass so i am posting like thisuntil i figure it out
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Shane's Orchid Shot day 14 p365

Shane and I both love Orchids. Last weekend at the bio gardens they had them on dislay and this is one of many shots he got. No need for Picasa on this one, he is a natural with the camera.
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Standing on the dock of the bay or I mean pond! Day 13 of P365

Taken at the Bio Park the girls patiently waited for Shane to snap some photos of them. Nova was tired at the is point and had herself parked nicely in the stroller. It was a nice day, great weekend, and best of all a day of great family time! Su
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Going green day 12 P365

This was so neat for me. At the park near Ava's school I saw this small tree growing amongst the other older taller trees and thought that I could use the color focus effect with Picasa. We made a special stop today so I could get the shot. I really like the green color amongst the black.
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kennedy's Pink Quilt and day 10 of 365

I'm a little out of order on my posting but I didn't have much time to post this yesterday.  This is the finished product of Kennedy's quilt.  A little more narrow that I had intended and as I realized later (duh!) more white than a 3 3/4 year old should have but what is done is done and it is hers.  I imagine eventually I'll be making her a heavier one but she likes it for now.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out as well.  I called it Squares of Pink since I made the design myself and came at a loss of a name.  Will work on being more original!

Blue for Ava day 11 of P365

This is a teaser of what will eventually be Ava's quilt.  I got a great idea from Crazy Mom's Quilt blog and am looking forward to making this quilt.  For those who know Ava loves purple the best but I have yet to find purple fabric that speaks to me.  As I was looking at the fabric today I was about to leave and I saw these 4 materials.  I feel in love with them and before I knew it I had a yard  I told Ava that if she wanted me to keep looking for purple material I would but she said she likes these as did Shane.  Will post them pic when it is done.