Monday, September 29, 2008

It took a while for Nova to like her Walker but now she seems to be able to zoom zoom zoom. She still isn't as quick as April aka Hell on Wheels was but she can hold her own! I expect her to be running by the new year!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some little princesses

The date is wrong because these are the first pictures I have taken since I got my camera back from the shop. They had been watching Felicity an American Girl which is what inspired the dresses. Kennedy wouldn't let me do her hair any better but at least she stopped crying about wearing the dress that Ava was wearing!lol
I am looking forward to posting more pictures soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little Liam

My cousin Jenny just had her first baby! His is a perfect looking 10lb 8 oz little man. Yeah I didn't get the size She had a c-section. This make her the last of the girls to have a baby and now we are all Moms. I just wish my grandparents were alive to see him, although I am sure they are in spirit. We are so blessed to have our extended family growing and Jenny is lucky to have a baby born in Sept which is the best month to be born in.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The first night and second day

Shane left early yesterday for his trip to San Francisco for the Guidewire Conference. I have not looked forward to this day since we learned about it:( Not because I was going to be alone with the kids, (although that isn't the easiest thing to be) but because I knew how much I was going to miss him and how much the girls would. Sure enough Ava cried at different times yesterday and today. That being said it has gone a little smoother than I thought. We had a relaxing morning yesterday just goofing around in the morning. We had an simple mac & cheese lunch with some olives which they loved and we saw a little bit of the movie "Mommie Dearest" If you kids ever tell you "Your the meanest mom" then show them the bathroom scene and suddenly you will be the best mom Then the girls straightened their rooms and got ready. We headed to Barnes and Noble for the American Girls Book Club. The girls and I both love it. The lady who does the presentations, (I think her name is Jennifer?) is a teacher and she always has fun projects that relate to the main character of each story. This time we got there late so the girls missed out on the narrative but were in time to do the project. The character was Josephine and in the book they made stuff to go into a Hope Chest. For the project the kids decoupaged minature hope chest. For Ava it was a blast, for Kennedy it was a little hard to do but she did it. After that we normally stay for story hour but that day we left to go look at the animals in the mall and then to look at some shoes. Finally we left to head to Misty's house for our book club. For more about the book club meeting see After having a nice time with the Bucks we came home and the girls got settled into PJ and we snuggled together on the couch and watched the lifetime premiere of CoCo Chanel. It was an intersting movie albeit rather long. The girls crashed quickly and I watched the movie until the end. I was not looking forward to sleeping alone, (such a chiken) but I was so tired that I fell right asleep and woke only once to find Kennedy getting in my bed. She and I slept until she woke in the morning but for some reason we were sleeping horizontal on the Once all the girls woke we called Shane and they got to talk with him. We are looking forward to seeing his pictures since he and the group are going to Alcatraz today. After making a quick trip for diapers and a red box movie we are in for the night and plan to have some soup and salad and relax. Only 4 more night to go!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A let down

Yesterday was suppose to be the big day. (See past post)  Sadly it did not happen.  Shane was unable to have the procedure done because he has high blood pressure.  It is something that he has had off and on but we didn't know that it was as high as it is and that it would prevent the procedure.  Now it's another waiting game since he has to leave town this weekend and won't be back until late next :(  That and the fact that we have this issue to deal with which I know will be a struggle for him in many ways.  

On a happier note I got my camera back yesterday and once I charge it I will be taking some updated pics of these girls.  I am so happy to have it back!!!

Post soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A New Baby!

I have three cousins who are expecting babies this upcoming fall.  Last night the first one arrived and it's a Girl.  My cousin has three boys and two twin girls so I am sure she is happy to have another girls to round out the family.  The baby weighed 9lbs. (My poor cousin!)  I am so happy to add another girl to our family because the next two that are expected to join are both boys.  One is due this month and the other at the end of October.  The two babies being born in Sept. will only add to the 6 that already celebrate birthdays this  It is the best month to be born in I must say.

Also my other cousin on my mom's side had a girl last month.  It's amazing how quick a family can add up. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family happenings

With luck I should have my camera back sometime next week and then I can post a few updated pictures of my girls.  They are all doing well.  Ava is running for her class president.  I am not sure how this is going to work because most of the kids in her class are also running for class president therefore from what I figure everyone will be voting for  Shane said that the kid who doesn't run is the smartest kid because he will have all the  Ava has been diligently working on her speech and after a few trys had got the premises down.  Basically she is going to tell them that she can't promise them anything (none of them can but I am sure a few will!) but that she will listen to them and since she is a big sister she has experience being a leader and a helper.  Plus she is going to make some cool book markers to hand  We'll see what happens.
Kennedy surprised us this weekend with her counting.  She has most of the numbers down to 20 and some beyond that.  Also Ava has been working at night with Kennedy on spelling.  She almost has cat  Nova, who has been barefoot all summer, seems to have grown up overnight.  I think it has something to do with putting on sneakers.  She is now 10 months, has 7 teeth, and is walking while holding on to furniture.  No doubt she will be walking by 1.  She is a growler too.  Right now I am so happy that she has been sleeping all night without waking up before 6.  Right now she is sleeping until 8.  That is awesome!
Shane still is busy with work and has no idea if he will be going to SF or not.  He really needs a vacation so I am keeping my fingers crossed that he can take some time around the holidays.
We also got the info for his procedure in  the mail.  I, of course, couldn't get passed the first instructions without laughing so I need to read it today.  Can I tell you how excited I am to have this done!!!   Can you believe the holidays  are almost here?  YEAH!!!  April and I are thinking of doing a birthday/Halloween party for the girls.  Starting with Hope then following through to Natasha they were all born between Oct/Nov/Dec.  Kennedy and Jakob are the odd ones out but already had their parties.  Next year we're most likely going to skip a party and just do them every other year.