Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here I grow again

I recently saw this advertised on a maternity hoodie and thought at the time that it was a cute saying and too bad when I was pregnant I never saw it. Then of course a few days later I discovered that I would have a chance to wear it if I wanted. That's right I going to have another (and from my lips to gods ears let it be my last) baby. Like Kennedy this baby should be born in July, around the 19 or so hopefully not on her birthday. I've been in shock about this news and was in disbelief until the morning sickness kicked in but now it here and strong as ever. I haven't worked while being pg since Ava so it's been an almost new experience. Thankfully I have some great co-workers/friends who have been awesome. I fell lucky for that. PS I have no idea of what I think it will be but before anyone asks I really don't care if it's a boy or girl. Both will be wonderful and loved just like our girls. We are very fortunate and blessed!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Funny feeling

As much as my blog is for sharing what is happening in our family with everyone it's also a great way for me to keep track of everything that has happened. I thought I would blog about my surgery seeing as how it is the first one I have had but really I'm to tired to write about it. That being said I wanted to have it in my blog so that I can look back later and say "Oh yeah I was pretty tired after having it out" or whatever. So I'm adding it here like this but I also wanted to add a few word about something more important, my family. There is just no way I could have gotten through this surgery and the aftermath if I didn't have Shane, my girls, and my parents, brothers and sister. Shane was amazing during it all. He is not one to go through a crisis easily and he did it. There were a few really scary days at the hospital that I honestly thought I might not be coming home and Shane got me through them. I know it was hard on him to see me in crying convulsions and keep his calm and he did. Many times I would wake from a sedated sleep and he was there reading and rushing to meet my needs. He is my rock and as my dad told me recently a good good man and husband. My girls had it hard without being warned I was gone and they didn't know much. Ava knew it was bad and she was frightened. She still has some issues about it all and it so caring still. An amazing little girl. My parents came as quickly as they could. They stayed in our home and looked after the girls so Shane could be with me. Dad made the girls a new favorite, Eggnog French Toast. They loved having the time with them. My mom caught up the laundry that I had been to sick to get too as well as making sure to keep the routine going. It was hard on them I'm sure but they were just so sweet about it all. I'm very grateful to have my parents. Dusty and Sandy were right there for us when we needed them to rush to get our girls in the middle of the night. Dusty watched them the second time as I waited the several hours at the ER. They were very generous of their time and I am so thankful to them for that. April came up to help with the girls and try to get the house in order. She was not feeling well herself but wanted to be here. I am touched by her gesture. It was very kind. Fred was here as well. I don't remember much about him except for a black shadow at the hospital. He came and cheered up the girls and that was a big help. I had many friends who were sending me kind thoughts and prayers. Shalini came to the hospital twice with beautiful flowers and again and took the time to look through my labs and make sure I was ok. I was pretty out of it most of the time but I do remember telling my nurse that we had been friends since 2nd grade and the nurse (Gwen who was just awesome) said that make you more than friends, your family and she was right. I also had extended family who were keeping tabs on my condition and praying for me. I'm blessed to have a family such as I do, the friends I do, and my life. I'm happy to be home and look forward to getting healthier in the next few days and weeks. I hope this is the last time I have to be in the hospital for a long time. Fingers crossed:)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good day.

After weeks of training I'm finally working in a process. I along with my other newbie co-workers are screening applications, that have been dropped off without an interview, for emergency food stamps. It's the beginning stage of the process and a simple one but am important one. You have to be in pretty dire need to receive emergency food stamps so we try to have them screen quickly so we can help those in need. Today it was my turn at the phone rotation and although I was a little nervous having to answer calls being so fresh at it I slowly found my footing and all went well. At fin aid I did it all the time but I by then I had to much experience at it there was nothing to be nervous about. I did get a client today that I was able to help in a hurry (not going to go into specifics) and that really was the highlight of my work day (Nova feeling better was the overall highlight overall). This is truly a reason why I like to work in fields like human service or fin aid. You get yelled at A LOT (today in fact:( almost cried) but then you have someone you help and it honestly makes the bad about the job seem not to bad. So the next time you are in an office where you are mad for whatever reason (except for those the cable company who charge too much, or when people mess with your debit cards (stupid accai berry people who WILL rot in hell) , just remember that your smile will make their day better and probably do more for you than yelling. (Except for the berry people you HAVE to yell at them for charging $89.00 and taking food out of your kids mouths. Really they won't do anything unless you them them that. Don't forget to mention the hell thing and make sure to call them over and over until they take off the charge.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jawbreaker Surprise!!!

Usually on the weekends Shane and I will try to sleep in as long as we can and Ava and Kennedy (with Nova going back and forth between the rooms) will get up and watch some tv. Usually they will attack the cereal and eat it as a snack before I make them breakfast. This morning Ava decided to make something different. She is allowed to make quesadillas in the microwave and this morning she decided to make one as well. Only this time she went a little further. This the the recipe she shared with us about it. Jawbreaker Surprise Take one tortilla and put mayo on it. (So gross already) The put cheese on it and microwave it for a few minute. When you get out it will be hard (jawbreaker!) Then smear it with a LOT more mayo and there you have it. Jawbreaker Surprise!!! (the surprise is the mayo). So I heard her making it this morning and later we heard Kennedy Kennedy has an easy gag reflex so I wasn't to worried but after Ava told us about this she told us that Kennedy did not like the hot mayo. (go figure) Apparently Nova loved No surprise there.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Going on week 4

Today was the beginning of week 4 of my new career. So far so good. The girls are adjusting and doing it nicely. Shane after a few hectic days has as well. I'm really happy with the people at work, they have a great attitude towards the clients and the job as well. ISD is a hard place to work for those who have little empathy towards others and can be a place to become burnt out quickly. I expected to have a lot of unhappy coworkers and have pleasantly proven wrong. Oh yeah and I have an office which also was a surprise as I thought I was going to be put into a It's not as nice as my last office (Great big windows, pretty view, and purple accent wall) but it still is more than I expected. I've made some good friends already. Four of us started together and were pretty close now. That's been fun. I've missed my girls, the two youngest the most as Ava has been in school so that was easier to deal with. The first week was the hardest but now Nova has gotten in to the swing of things and knowing that she is happy makes it all better. Kennedy is thriving. She has little friends who call out to her in the morning "Hey Kennedy!" and seems to be pretty popular. She had little songs to sing some of which I have never heard of. So all in all is good. Ava is having a harder time with school this year, not because of the work but she and her teacher seem to have unlike chemistry. It was bound to happen but it's been a little rough. That being said life will hand you lemons and you have to make the lemonade. Hers is just a little bit sour right now but she's getting better. It's nice to have the option of working or not working. I'm glad that I didn't have to work and if something happened that right now I could stay at home again if need be. I watched Mad Men the other night and as I watched Betty go in to feed her baby in the middle of the night I was struck by how much situation has changed. Unlike a 50's housewife I have the choice. So right now when the alarm goes off at 5:50 am I remind myself every time as I begrudgingly go to the shower "This is my choice!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

The thing about having only girls

You never get to mix it up. It's all girl all the time. It's all about dolls and faeries, kitties and makeup. There's dressing up and doing hair and boy talk (my least favorite topic). I get to hear all about how cute Nick Jonas is and about Shark Boy (or for the Twilight fans what's his name) So I don't get to do the spider man thing nor do I know what Ben 10 is (except having to buy a toy of one for a present and I had no idea of what I was looking for) I don't have to deal with knowing all the super heroes because I would fail big time. But I do try to keep some stuff in mind, like the Transformers, mainly for my nephew Jake. We have a little bit that we do where he is bumble bee and I am Optimus Prime but that's where it And having girls or at least my girls means Radio Disney all the time. Add that to the fact that I have horrible taste in music (I so totally admit it, I am like the people who only read tabloids and nothing more. I only listen to crap music really!) So thanks to this combination I have a song stuck in my head that I just can't get it out of my head and I finally found it on you tube so that I could hear I'm sharing the link with you and I'm sure you laugh not with me but at me because it's that
What would I be listening to if I had only boys? hmmm

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How humans are made

As told by Kennedy Rowe...

"Mama I know how humans are made." Kennedy
"Umm how? Mom
"Well first the man takes the blood and then he puts it into a big bowl. Then he stirs the bowl lots and lots. Then he adds some bones.
Then he stirs it again and then the human comes out!" Kennedy
"Yup Kennedy that is excatly how humans are made. Now go and tell your dad" Mom

Thanks ABC Family for running the Goblet of Fire so

Friday, August 7, 2009

Back home

We're back home after a few days in Grants. The girls and I left Shane in Albuquerque so that I could go to my parents home and help them clean out the garage. I had put it off for a long long time and I knew that if I didn't go and do it now I wouldn't have the time later. The garage was pretty bad. When my parents moved before the last time a lot of stuff went into the garage and tool shed behind the house where it stayed for the next 12 or so years. When it came time for them to move again the job feel mainly to Fred and Dusty to move the stuff out. (I had just had Nova and was unable to do much) Dusty and Fred literally just loaded stuff up from one garage and dumped it into another. Add that with all the other stuff that has accumulated for the last 35 years and well you can imagine the state of the garage. Oh yeah they boys also didn't leave any kind of walking path. They just put it in the front and that was it. Uggh Boys! So I spent 2 1/4 days going through old letters, dishes, clothes, books, and toys. I came across stuff I hadn't seen in years and years. It was kinda fun in a very sweaty and pissy kinda way. I found my baby book but forgot to bring it to Albuquerque with me. I got to read family history from my Granny. All in all it was a good trip and now when the move again I hope it goes a lot eaiser. This time I plan to supervise so I'm sure it will.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer is cruising by

Well it's almost that time of year that I both love and hate...Back to School! Today we'll head to Ava's school to get the forms to reregister her. I like this time because you get reaquainted with everyone you didn't see over the summer. This school year will be different for me as Kennedy will be in pre-school. A different school with different PTA meetings and different field trip. Even different drop and pick up times. I'm looking forward to some new changes for us all this year but more on that later. Meanwhile...
Kennedy is offically 4. I'm eventually going to be posting her pictures once I get Shane to upload them. He did some stuff to his computer and now I have to wait. I'll be bugging him tonight. She is pretty happy being 4 and heading to school. I'm not crying about it yet, I think I'll be ok. We'll see.
Ava is so excited to begin 3rd grade. She is looking forward to going back to school. I hope this continues all her This summer has been a big change for me with her as far as her being older. I see everday how she is not a little girl anymore and moving alone to being a preteen. Shane came out carring her in his arms one morning and I flashed back to him carrying her on a pillow. That was a tear jerker:( She has been the biggest of help this summer, especially with Nova. I couldn't ask for a better daughter.
Nova is trucking way to being 2. She has the tantrums down pat. She is cutting her canines now and that has been pretty hard on all of us but it looks likes she is almost done. She is speaking so much and putting her words to good use like "Eat" and "No eat" and "Puppy" and "No" and again "NO!".lol She likes to say Dee Dee but for whatever reason will not say "Ava" anymore. She is our little side show. I'm missing having a baby baby but realize that this is a new era in our lives and am looking foward to the freedom that comes from having kids that are older. Still sometimes I come across a little onesie for babys sock and I just wish for a sec that I had it todo again. Then they all cry for me to come here because something was spilled or someone's feelings got hurt (all the freaking time!) and I think "So the end!"
Shane and I are doing well too! Work for him and home for me. I'm looking forward to doing some new things this fall... not saying what for sure yet but will post once I know what is in store. For now I'm just going to enjoy these last few summer weeks and with luck will get in a few more walks and zoo trips with the girls! And as Ava would say "That's all for now"!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I finally found it!

Now that Ava is an avid reader I have begun to suggest books for her to read that I read as a child. She has read the small version of little women, has read several chapters from Anne of Green Gables, and finished a Baby Sitter's Club book. Of course we have different taste so it's not like she jumps at every book I suggest but she likes for me to tell her about what I read and I like passing on the information. Recently I was thinking about a book I got when I was about 10. My grandparents used to volunteer at a thrift store in Durango and sometimes we got to go there at the end of a shift and pick out a treasure. I fondly remember that store and have made a note to go there again the next time I go to Durango. This particular time I remember going to the store and finding this little square paperback book. I think it cost $.10 and was happy to have something to read. At this point I had read all the kids books at their house and wasn't quite ready to read the older books which I did eventually read. Thankfully they were also avid readers who had a varied taste of literature. Anyway the book I got to read was about a minister and his wife who adopt several children of different races and ages. Eventually they adopt 12 and have a happy little family. I remembered loving the book and rememberes specific parts of it but I could not place the name for the life of me. However since I did remember a few specific parts I turned to the internet with a positive hope that I would be able to find the book. However I was wrong and had no luck at all! Sadden I gave up the search and forgot about the book. Then my interest was renewed when Shane told me about a few sites that would be abel to help me. He even did the search for me and once again I was certain I would find it. Once again I was disappointed. I gave up and figured I would move on to Lois Duncan and Judy Blume.
Then about a week ago I was on e-bay trying to find a book that I had read a long time ago called With Love from Karen. As I was trying to find this book used (yeah used but still costing $65.00 to $105.00) and I stumbled upon this book called The Family Nobody Wanted by Helen Doss. The cover did look familiar but something made me click on the book. When the summary came up I quickly realized this was the book I had been searching for! Better yet it had been, at one time, made into a television series and had a play based on it. Still better was the fact that it is now in reprint!!! What a find or a stumble if you will. I was able to read the first few chapters online and am so thrilled that I will be able to order it. It cracks me up how I found it but I am so glad that I did!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just thinking

Looking through all the photos we have taken the last year and messing around with them using Picasa. I love it, you can make your skin look so good! Wish we had a live picasa wand!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Sweet bird

This is my pet hummingbird. He has visited this spot over the course of several days and stays for a while to visit. I like sitting and watching him as the girls ride their bikes. Enjoy!
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

On odd memory

Last night Shane looked through the movies we had recorded on the dvr and settled on Ghostbusters. I set it to record for the girls but as there was nothing on last night we started to watch it. I immediately had a flashback to a childhood memory I have of watching Ghostbusters. First let me describe the scene. My parents had the coolest (at the time I totally didn't think so but I do now) green bedroom. Green shag carpeting with a green velvet bedspread and green curtain to match. The bedroom set was a typical 70's set with a brown rocking chair to match. This particular night they had set up a tv in their bedroom (I don't remember them having one in their room but they must have) and they had rented the VCR (remember having to do that?) and it was the old fashioned kind that pop up top and you had to put it down. Anyway us kids were told to stay in their room and watch Ghostbusters while they had friends over. And as a bribe we were given stripped chocolate cookies. I still remember sitting on their bed watching tv and eating those cookies. I think it stuck out because we never got to do that. Unlike my girls, who pretty much think our bed is just and extension of their beds, we never slept in their bed. Even after my mom had us watch Night of the Living Dead and I stayed up all night with the light on waiting for zombies to come and eat my brain. Never did it cross my mind to sleep in their room. Watching the first part of the movie I realized it was to scary for my girls, who are chickens like me, and gave up and turned on Sex and the City. I wonder what the new Ghostbuster movie will be like? Hmmmm

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rowes in nature

We took a little trip up in the mountains today. Shane and the girls took a little hike while I napped in the car with Nova. I was sure it was going to rain and took advantage of being alone to watch the clouds pass by via the sun roof. It was very pleasant and I feel asleep which was also pleasant. Then they came back and we all took a walk. The weather was pretty mild and the woods did their job and soothed my soul. But all good things come to and end and we had to get back to town. Shane drove us out as he said my driving up the mountain scared the heck out of him. (As I grow older I have become my mother's daughter and am absolutely a freak when it some to heights.) Shane did his best to scare me which he did well. Then we came to this place and it was so lovely we had to get out and look. Of course as I have said before with a family of girls and one guy we always have a crier and Kennedy started in. Nova dropped Kennedy's Cinderella cell phone in the brook and until Shane got it out she cried and cried. Then all the way out of the mountain she cried for MacDonald's. It was a long long drive out. However we are happy that we found a new beautiful spot to go to and I think we will make it a point to take more walks in the woods. So soothing!
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Cool summer clubhouse

A few sheet, a clamp or two, and a table turns...
into a cool summer clubhouse!  Now if you'll excuse me I have to make these chicks lunch!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A crazy circus


So let me begin by saying that once again I dropped the ball with p365 and have thrown in the towel on it. To much to do and I forget to take a picture every day and sometimes even a every week. Shane took this picture of Ava at her class circus. She was the only Mim? but really a zombie clown it seemed. Fun was had by all and now with summer starting I'm doing my best to get the house in order so we can enjoy our time off. This might be the last summer I have as a SAHM, who knows? I want to enjoy it while I can!!!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An anniversary update!

Just to update on our anniv.  This morning the morons in the morning were discussing anniversary's and having people call in and say which anniversary they thought was a big deal.  Shane asked me if I thought 11 was and I said sort of no.  What I meant, before you get mad at me, is that I love having another year with Shane and I am very proud of having a marriage that last longer than a decade, especially with the high divorce rate.  That being said I think some are more special just like you look forward to your 16th b-day or 18th or even 21st.  As mention in the previous post I just wanted a card.  So imagine my surprise when I got a knock at the door and low and behold there is a basket of flowers.  And the card from Shane which says "I think every year is a big deal?" (I think he meant exclamation point but they put a ?.lol  Anyway there was more mushy stuff which made me cry.  I called Shane and told him about the flowers and told him that I didn't mean it the way I said he and he laughed.  Then I felt bad about the *gasp* e-card I sent  He isn't one for cards so I think it's ok.  Anyway I kinda owned a sort of apology post to Shane.  Sometimes the guy just surprises me in a sweet and wonderful way!  

11 years!

Today Shane and I celebrate 11 years married!  1/3 of our lives.  He asked me what I wanted as far as a gift and I told him that 11 years, while being awesome, is not one of the big one, like the 1st, 5th, 10th, or so one.  So I said lets do something big for every 5th year mile stone and for now lets just do a date night this weekend, (hopefully) but that I would love to get a card or note from him seeing as how he as dropped the ball on that lately.  This morning I had some time before dropping Ava off so we took a detour to the house we got married at.  On the way I thought about how long 11 years has been but also how it seems like yesterday.  I look forward to the next 11 years when I can say that I have been married 1/2 my life to my bbff!  Also Shane if you decided to read this I am so looking forward to the 15 year anniv. when you finally take me on a trip! (NYC!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

3 little piggies

Everyone post pictures of their children looking their best most adorable selves and I am usually a big proponent of doing so. Tonight I decided to show the other side, the horrible side, the true side! Girls do get as dirty as boys. Nova would live in dirt if we let her, Kennedy would not leave the park if we didn't drag her away, and Ava (like most of her classmates) believes brushing your hair is not a requirement for coming to school. So here are the three little piggies in all of their glory home from the park and having Subway with their equally as dirty parents. (Thanks Nova for getting sand down my shirt and bra!) ((Double thanks to Shane for calling the shower first!)
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Bandalier Rocks! Day 16 p365

I feel a little silly getting this certificate seeing as how I'm doing the LAST fieldtrip of the year:( That being said I guess I did help out a little this year doing some take home projects and the PTA carnival but still I would like to have done more. Next year as Nova is older I am hoping to get more involved! Looking forward to summer with Ava and then watching her become a 3rd grader! So happy that she is a Banda Bear!
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Farmer's Market day 15 of p365

my keyboard is being a jackass so i am posting like thisuntil i figure it out
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Shane's Orchid Shot day 14 p365

Shane and I both love Orchids. Last weekend at the bio gardens they had them on dislay and this is one of many shots he got. No need for Picasa on this one, he is a natural with the camera.
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Standing on the dock of the bay or I mean pond! Day 13 of P365

Taken at the Bio Park the girls patiently waited for Shane to snap some photos of them. Nova was tired at the is point and had herself parked nicely in the stroller. It was a nice day, great weekend, and best of all a day of great family time! Su
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Going green day 12 P365

This was so neat for me. At the park near Ava's school I saw this small tree growing amongst the other older taller trees and thought that I could use the color focus effect with Picasa. We made a special stop today so I could get the shot. I really like the green color amongst the black.
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kennedy's Pink Quilt and day 10 of 365

I'm a little out of order on my posting but I didn't have much time to post this yesterday.  This is the finished product of Kennedy's quilt.  A little more narrow that I had intended and as I realized later (duh!) more white than a 3 3/4 year old should have but what is done is done and it is hers.  I imagine eventually I'll be making her a heavier one but she likes it for now.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out as well.  I called it Squares of Pink since I made the design myself and came at a loss of a name.  Will work on being more original!

Blue for Ava day 11 of P365

This is a teaser of what will eventually be Ava's quilt.  I got a great idea from Crazy Mom's Quilt blog and am looking forward to making this quilt.  For those who know Ava loves purple the best but I have yet to find purple fabric that speaks to me.  As I was looking at the fabric today I was about to leave and I saw these 4 materials.  I feel in love with them and before I knew it I had a yard  I told Ava that if she wanted me to keep looking for purple material I would but she said she likes these as did Shane.  Will post them pic when it is done.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sharing a snack day 9 of P365

Two sisters sharing a snack and watching Dora after a morning at the park. What a great morning!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First memorable zoo trip day 8 of 365

So I'm cheating a little. This was not taken today but this weekend at our zoo trip. I just spruced it up a little and decided to post it for my blog today. I am too tired today to take a photo. Nova was too young to enjoy the zoo much last year much less the playground they have. She had a lot of fun this time around. She loved the polar bears most of all I think. I am looking forward to many more trips this summer to the zoo and the bio park:) More pics to come!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little color P365 day 7

This is my small nick knack shelf of a few items I have collected over the years. The self was given to me by Shane, the Gone with the Wind egg a must have, ( or it was at the time), the top heart box from Charleen, one of 4 given to a great group of friends, a bottom right box given by my dad from a business trip, the bottom left box belong to my granny. The girl and the pooh were given to Ava as a small child and the horse to the side from my long time friend Shalini. Last but not least the yellow clown was a figure Shane and I bought in Salt Lake City at the airport. The plan was to get a figure from every state we visited. We have been to 7 states and only collected 1 figure so it's a fail but I will always have the sad looking

I thought this would be a great way to use the B&W color focus feature of Picasa. I think it turned out pretty good with the yellow in the middle.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Last but not least p365 day 6

After looking for my past few posting I realized I didn't add one of Kennedy:( Therefore I am making up for that. Here she is with her smile and her head tilt. I love this picture os her, it captures her spirit. Last but never least!
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a bird! 5 of P365

I love peacocks! As a kid my grandparents would drive us to a peacock farm near Durango and we loved it. I love the colors and their regal way of walking. The best thing at the zoo if you ask me.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The beginning 4 of 365

This is the beginning of a quilt for Kennedy. I sewed the strips together last night and will attach them to the white strips. The Muslin material will be the backing. I not sure what I will use as my border yet but it will most likely be the white and will incorporate some of the left over pieces I have from making the blocks. I designed this quilt and I love the material I am using. Kennedy right now is upset at the white being part of it, she wants pink and more pink, but I think she will be happy when it's its done. Once I attach the batting, a low loft, and the backing I plan to simply stitch in the ditch for the quilting step. I hope to be able to finish soon so I can move on to Ava's butterfly quilt.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

I want this house! 3 of P365

The coolest tree house I have seen. I never see kids in it or at the house, there are no kids toys lying around either. I believe this is an Adult tree house. Maybe used for a studio or office I don't know. I just know that I want my own tree house!lol
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ava relaxed! P65 day 2

A relaxed Ava as we wait for Shane. The only girl who does not fall asleep in the car.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A little glow

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