Friday, September 2, 2011

How to get a gallon of milk for a dollar!

For those who are looking for a good deal you CANNOT beat a gallon of milk for a dollar. Not in this economy. You might been lucky and get the "Welcome to the neighborhood!" coupon from Albertsons, but that would only get you a gallon for $1.69 (at least that is what I got and used last week). You can try to catch Smith on a luck week and get the 3/$6.00 sale but that hasn't happened for a while. (I know because I keep looking for it.) I HATE paying more than $2.00 for a gallon, it infuriates me. Therefore I headed for CVS for milk today. I only had so much cash on me, since I am once again awaiting a new debit card in the mail. (Ava lost it this time.) I figured I would go back tomorrow for another gallon but to my surprise I don't need to and I'll now tell you the way to get the $1.00 milk. First you need to be born in September. Well at least for this weeks sale anyway. What am I talking about? I'm talking about a coupon that was printed out, for ME for my birthday. That's right a $2.00 coupon just for being born in the best month of the year! SEPTEMBER!!!! How about that? Thank you CVS!!! So then I snapped that I could get the second gallon, pay nothing and not have to come back (Although I promise to come back another day!) Hence getting 2 gallons for $2.00 or $1.00 a gallon as I like to think of it. Pretty nice and who doesn't love getting an early birthday present? I do!!!

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